Yin and Yang's combined Aura.

Woo Foo Aura is an advanced Woo Foo move which surrounds the user with an energy called Aura. The Aura takes on the shape of the user and mimics their movements. While using Woo Foo Aura, the user gains super strength, speed, and agility. The Woo Foo Aura can also levitate and fly. The color is different between the users. Master Yo's is green, Yang's is blue and Yin's is pink. The auras can be merged into one if the users have a common goal. Woo Foo Aura is also dangerous for beginners; the aura can get loose leaving the user spiritless. Also, as of "Foreign Exchange Problem", the CPK can now also use an aura called the CPK Cougar. The user can also still use their other techniques while in the Aura. Since the episode Shadowcluck, Dark Coop has learned to control his evil energy and is able to summon his Woo Foo aura at will. If three of even more people whose Woo Foo is extremely strong combine their auras, they can create a new, unique color, like in Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow and Yin Yang Who? Yang, Master Yo and in combined their auras, creating a purple one, also, at the near-to-end of the episode, when the rest of the Woo Foo Army merged in the aura it became bigger than Eradicus and even taller than a skyscraper.


Dark Aura

  • Users: Eve, or Evil Yin

A dark version of the Aura appears in "Gone-A-Fowl" used by Evil Yin, a.k.a. Eve. When Coop turned Yin evil, she used the Aura to fight Yang. The Aura was much more powerful than the regular one (at least Yin said so).

Dark Aura

Evil Yin's Dark Aura.