• Users: Yin, Yang (Yangfoomate), and Master Yo
  • Side of Woo Foo: Mystic
  • Level: Level 1, Supplementary

Transfoomate is a level 1 Woo Foo move which lets the user transform objects into other objects, but most transformations are not permanent. The user must always remain focused on the object, which can be quite tiring. In some episodes, however, the transformations seem to be permanent. Yang's version is called Yangfoomate which he uses in conjuction with his weapon to transform it into other weapons, such as his "Jam Hammer". In the episode "Camp Magic Pants", Yin uses a variation of her Transfoomate called "Cheatfoomate", and in "Voyage to the Center of the Yo" she used a variation called "Transfoo-Shrinkmafy".


A log that Yin transfoomated into a ruby