Yin Yang Yo-episode 97-Splitting Hares10:14

Yin Yang Yo-episode 97-Splitting Hares

Yin Yang Yo! episode
“Splitting Hares”
230b - Splitting Hares
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 30b
Original airdate November 24, 2008
Season 2
January 1, 2008 – Present
  1. "The Pecking Order / Party Favors"
  2. "Smoke and Mirrors / Yin-credible"
  3. "Season's Beatings / Splitting Hares"
  4. "Brain Drain / The Big Payback"
  5. "Imperfect Fooplicates / Messy Relationships"
  6. "A Bad Case of the Buglies / Control Issues"
  7. "Foreign Exchange Problem / Turnabout"
  8. " The Manotaur / League of Evil"
  9. "This Yang Isn't Brought to You By... / Stuck"
  10. "Deja Foo"
  11. "Gone-A-Fowl"
  12. "Basic Yin-stinct / Fighting Fooberty"
  13. "Wonder Tweens Go! / Touchy Feelings"
  14. "O'Brother There Art Thou / Roger...Over and Out"
  15. "Yin, Yang, Carl / Smorks"
  16. "An Inconvenient Tooth / Situation Tragedy"
  17. "Camp Magic Pants / Worked Stiff"
  18. "Skirting the Issue / Moon Over My Yinnie"
  19. "For the Love of Clamboy / Zarnot's Girlfriend"
  20. "Clown-Fu Fighting / Cat Smash Fever"
  21. "Mission Yinpossible / Disapp-Eared"
  22. "Get Off My Back / Slumber Party of Doooom"
  23. "Old Softie / Dance Dance Devastation"
  24. "Upstanding Yuck / A Walk in the Woods"
  25. "Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow"
  26. "Today You Are a Bear / Pets Peeved"
  27. "The Howl of the Weenie"
  28. "Extra Cheese, Anchovies and Doom! / The Confidence Game"
  29. "Roboticus Maximus / Size Matters"
  30. "Unmoving Pictures / The Recline and Fall of Civilization"
  31. "Mind Games / The Carl of the Wild"
  32. "Clothes Encounters / Commander-in-Cheat"
  33. "The Secret Life of Possum Panda / Dummy Up"
  34. "Game Over / Creeping With the Enemy"
  35. "The Yindianapolis 500 / Personality Problem"
  36. "Yin Yang You!"
  37. "Party Troopers / Shadowcluck"
  38. "Division Quest"
  39. "Yin Yang Who?"

Season 1
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When both Yin and Yang try to give the other a break by finding a new partner, they end up tearing apart their friendship! When it seems that their new partners can't help in a battle, will they be able to reconcile in time to stop Herman's new plan, or will Master Yo meet with an untimely demise?


Yin and Yang are both exhausted and ask Mster Yo for a break. But he refuses. They decide to find new partners to give each other a break. Yang asks Roger Jr. to be his partner and Yin asks Rainbow Mane to be her partner. Meanwhile Carl is stealing ingredients to make a potion that will get rid of Herman's panda allergies. Yang makes Roger Jr. do all the work while Rainbows Mane's powers can only make things happy. Yin and Yang discover that they each got new partners and split up. They find out that their new partners are useless in battle. Roger Jr. keeps gushing over Yang and Rainbow Mane annoys Yin by constantly asking her if she wants cupcakes or rainbows. When they meet up they both admit that they screwed up in stopping Herman's army and they reconcile. They arrive just in time to stop Herman from attacking Master Yo.

The episode ends with Yang giving Yin a t-shirt. Yin is delighted to wear it only to get hit because there was a target on the back.

Main Antagonist

  • This episode features both Carl and Herman as the main antagonists

Woo Foo Weapons Introduced

Woo Foo Techniques Introduced


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