Yin Yang Yo - Skirting The Issue

Yin Yang Yo - Skirting The Issue

Yin Yang Yo! episode
“Skirting the Issue”
216a - Skirting the Issue
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 16a
Original airdate June 23, 2008
Season 2
January 1, 2008 – Present
  1. "The Pecking Order / Party Favors"
  2. "Smoke and Mirrors / Yin-credible"
  3. "Season's Beatings / Splitting Hares"
  4. "Brain Drain / The Big Payback"
  5. "Imperfect Fooplicates / Messy Relationships"
  6. "A Bad Case of the Buglies / Control Issues"
  7. "Foreign Exchange Problem / Turnabout"
  8. " The Manotaur / League of Evil"
  9. "This Yang Isn't Brought to You By... / Stuck"
  10. "Deja Foo"
  11. "Gone-A-Fowl"
  12. "Basic Yin-stinct / Fighting Fooberty"
  13. "Wonder Tweens Go! / Touchy Feelings"
  14. "O'Brother There Art Thou / Roger...Over and Out"
  15. "Yin, Yang, Carl / Smorks"
  16. "An Inconvenient Tooth / Situation Tragedy"
  17. "Camp Magic Pants / Worked Stiff"
  18. "Skirting the Issue / Moon Over My Yinnie"
  19. "For the Love of Clamboy / Zarnot's Girlfriend"
  20. "Clown-Fu Fighting / Cat Smash Fever"
  21. "Mission Yinpossible / Disapp-Eared"
  22. "Get Off My Back / Slumber Party of Doooom"
  23. "Old Softie / Dance Dance Devastation"
  24. "Upstanding Yuck / A Walk in the Woods"
  25. "Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow"
  26. "Today You Are a Bear / Pets Peeved"
  27. "The Howl of the Weenie"
  28. "Extra Cheese, Anchovies and Doom! / The Confidence Game"
  29. "Roboticus Maximus / Size Matters"
  30. "Unmoving Pictures / The Recline and Fall of Civilization"
  31. "Mind Games / The Carl of the Wild"
  32. "Clothes Encounters / Commander-in-Cheat"
  33. "The Secret Life of Possum Panda / Dummy Up"
  34. "Game Over / Creeping With the Enemy"
  35. "The Yindianapolis 500 / Personality Problem"
  36. "Yin Yang You!"
  37. "Party Troopers / Shadowcluck"
  38. "Division Quest"
  39. "Yin Yang Who?"

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When Master Yo reveals that the newest Woo Foo artifact is the Poodle Skirt of Ultimate Protection, Yin is thrilled, but Yang isn't so happy. But when duty calls, will Yang learn to set aside his feelings and save the day?


Master Yo leaves Yang in the middle of the street to reveal to him The Poodle Skirt of Ultimate Protection. Yang hates the fact that its a skirt but Yin is thrilled. Master Yo explains to Yang that the skirt is indestructible and nothing with hurt him as long as he is wearing it. However Roger Jr comes and mocks him for wearing a skirt. Yang angrily takes it off and Yin takes it. Roger and Yang decide to prove who manlier by doing manly stuff. Seeing their contest Ultimoose decides to harness their manliness to power his missile and launch it at Tallville. To get power on his missile his henchmen make Yang and Roger Jr do manly test such as eating chilly cheese dogs with scorpions and juggling angry ferrets blindfold. Ultimoose is then caught by Yin who ties her to the missile and gets enough manliness to launch the missile. Seeing Yin tied to the missile Yang puts on the skirt and defects the missile back at Ultimoose.

The episode ends with Master Yo making Yang wear The Parachute Pants of Punishment after Yang shrinks the skirt by putting it in the washing machine

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