The evil wizard Saranoia has lot of magical items included the magic wands.


Saranoia used any ot these wands an the season 1 with the fact that the all wands has the any rules.

List of wands

Unknown The flower wand


This wand looks like the Snow wand, but place with snowflake is there pink flower and the stick is green.

It has probably the power to transform into florist.

Unknown The plunger wand


This wand looks like toilet plunger and the giant similar toilet plunger has the ghost in Commander-in-Cheat to teleport Yin and Yang out of the temple. It has probably power to transform to the plumber. 

First Appearance: Scarf It Up!

Snow wand


Has the power to transform any person to the Snow Witch or penguin, it has power to make snow, it can give life to the snowmans and it can create ice fists.

First appearance: Scarf It Up!  

Sword wand


It looks like golden stick with small sword on the top. It can transform to the normal size sword, it can transform any person into pirate or parrot and it has telekinetic power.

First appearance: The High She-as

Broom wand


It looks like the small broom it has power to transform any person to the maid or poodle. It can be transform into normal size broom, toilet brush, vacuum cleaner and modern broom.

Unknown Crown wand


It looks like stick with golden crown on the top it probably has the power to transform any person into princess.

Unknown fairy wand

It looks same as the wand of The Lie Fairy so it probably transform any person into fairy with all their powers included Fairy Fists.

Mascara wand


This wand has the power to transform any girl or boy into popular girl. It looks like the mascara stick.

First appearance: The Truth Hurts                                    

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