Yin Yang Yo - Pros and cons

Yin Yang Yo - Pros and cons

Yin Yang Yo! episode
“Pros and Cons”
116b - Pros and Cons
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 16b
Original airdate November 27, 2006
Season 1
September 4, 2006 – April 30, 2007
  1. "Dojo, Oh No! / Finding Hershel"
  2. "600 Channels of Doom / An Oldie But a Goodie"
  3. "Yin Yang Yuck / Beetlemania"
  4. "Enter the Ant / The Sweet Stench of Love"
  5. "Woo Foo Flu / The Imagination Situation"
  6. "Too Much Yangformation / Aura... Or Not"
  7. "Falling Yin Love / On Golden Pondscüm"
  8. "Old School / A Toy's Story"
  9. "The Trouble with Two-ni-corns / Scarf It Up!"
  10. "The Return of the Night Master"
  11. "My Stupid Sword / Neat Freak"
  12. "The High She-as / A Match Not Made in Heaven"
  13. "Scary Scary Quite Contrary / How the Cookies Crumble"
  14. "The Yin of Yang / Shopping Sprawl"
  15. "Wubble in Paradise / Dictator of the Year"
  16. "Master Dave / Destination Danger"
  17. "Bad Nanny Jamma / Pros and Cons"
  18. "The Gig is Up / Doomed to Repeat It"
  19. "Family Day / The Hex of the Ex"
  20. "Out on a Pledge / Dojo Alone"
  21. "Attack of the Lesson / A Case of the Evils"
  22. "Attack of the Vidiots / Fit to be Tried"
  23. "Voyage to the Center of the Yo / Sitting Shaggler"
  24. "Shadows and Light / The Truth Hurts"
  25. "Who Knows What Evil Lurks"
  26. "Night Fall"

Season 2
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Carl is in the market for henchmen, and goes to the Night Master's Evil Convention looking for some. Meanwhile, Yin and Yang have also infiltrated the con, hoping to find about the Night Master's evil plan. Can the siblings avoid being found out long enough to learn something useful?


Carl thinks he is not a good villian because he has no henchmen. Then an add on t.v comes up about evil con and offers to help people find henchmen and have as many as Carls evil brother Herman. Yang sees the same add and yo won't let them go. Master yo gives yin and yang the idea to dress up as a villian to go to evil con. Yin and yang go there as an evil donkey named death donkey and here there name and Waz up and they kick them and call it annoying. Then the night master revels his plan to destroy yin, yang and yo. Then he tells everyone join or die so every one steps to the right and join him except Carl and deathdonkey. Carl makes "deathdonkey" his henchman and they try to escape when yin and yang trip and their disguise to come off. Then cornered they night earses their memories and back at the dojo yin shows master yo her notes that she took and the convention


  • This episode features the Night Master as the main antagonist
  • This episode also features Carl as a quasi-ally