• Users: Yang (Paws of Pain), Yin (Pretty Pink Paws of Pain), Master Yo, Lina, and Yuck
  • Side of Woo Foo: Martial Arts
  • Level: Level 2, Offensive

Paws of Power is a level 2 Woo Foo move. The user's hands grow larger as also his strength. When the user uses this move, the hands can be surrounded by electricity, blue (Yang) or pink (Yin) fire, Woo Foo energy, or nothing. The user can also throw off his fists as projectiles. As the user throws off his fists, they will sometimes have blue (Yang) or pink (Yin) fire. Paws of Power can also be used to create fissures and earthquakes when slammed on the ground. The name of the move sometimes depends on the user. Yang calls them the Paws of Pain, and Yin calls them the "Pretty Pink Paws of Pain".

Lina can also use this move when she is trained to become a Woo Foo Knight.

Paws Pain

Yang using the Paws of Power