The Night Master's energy is the most powerful dark energy in the world. Eradicus was the original Night master. This energy corrupted holder of that power and do from him the great villain with unstoppable dark power. By the history there is possibility that Night master energy is opposite of the Woo Foo, because for a long time these powers fighting.

There are any powers used by the all holders of this energy:

  • Fire breath -  Used by the Eradicus in the Welcome To The Dark Tomorrow.
  • Energy field - Used by the Ultimoose in Deja Foo.
  • Lightning creation -  Used by the Coop and Yin in Gone-A-Fowl.


When Yin was corrupted by Coop in Gone-A-Fowl her Woo Foo powers were purple not blue and she saw that her Woo Foo aura was more powerful than ever.

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