Yin yang yo 1x25 quin sabe cuando el demonio asecha

yang being affected by a Foo Field


Foo Field is a Woo Foo move that creates forcefield around the user or a target. It can be used for defense and to trap an opponent; also, if placed properly, they can deflect an attack. The user can also create a skin level, invisble Foo Field as shown in "Roger...Over and Out". The user can also make the Foo Field explode as shown in the episode "Clown-Fu Fighting". In the episode "Destination Danger" it's shown that Foo Fields can be casted in the form of a wall. While most things are not able to break Foo Fields, level 2 Woo Foo moves and weapons can break them. In the episode "Welcome to the Dark Tomorrow", it is shown that two people can combine their Foo Fields to protect themselves from a reality warp. Foo Fields can also be made to be soundproof.