• Users: Yin (with or without Yang) and Yang (with or without Yin)
  • Side of Woo Foo: Mystic/Martial Arts
  • Level: Level 2, Supplementary, Offensive

Fire-Nado is a Woo Foo move which combines Yin-Cinerate with Foonado. When Yin and Yang join hands, Yang makes a Foonado, and Yin uses Yin-Cinerate to egnite the Foonado to make a massive fire vortex that they throw at the enemy. When Yin and Yang join hands to make a gun sign, it is a large beam of fire. When Yin and Yang are in the Woo Foo Aura, Fire-Nado is an even bigger tornado of fire. In the episode "Personality Problem", it is shown that Yin, while in the Woo Foo Aura with Yang, can do this move by herself. Yang can also do this move by himself.

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