Portrayer Unknown
First appearance "Yin Yang Who?"
Taxon {{{taxon}}}
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Current Night Master
Weapon None
Family Unknown
Residence Unknown
Content classification
Species Demon

"I CLAIM THIS WORLD AS MINE!" -Ferocitus, Yin Yang Who?

Ferocitus is the newest Night Master. His only appearance is at the end of Yin Yang Who?.


Ferocitus is the newest Night Master, suceeding Eradicus. He broke into the Woo Foo Dojo and claimed the world as his. Unfortunately for him, Yin, Yang, and Yo were ready to fight and (much to Yo's relief) prevented him from saying who was the mother of the twins. He will be defeated in Season 3; but, a few hints is shown that this is the last time he will appear.

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