Fastidious J. Spiffington
Portrayer Mark Bowen
First appearance "Dojo, Oh No!"
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Gender Male
Age !2
Occupation None
Family Unknown
Residence Fastidious's giant bowl
Content classification
Species Hamster
Fastidious J. Spiffington is a small hamster with a cultured British accent, obsessed with cleanliness and world domination. He is nearly always seen inside a hamsterball that serves as the control center for his robots, mainly his Hamsterbot. He has a habit of drastically increasing his pitch whenever exclaiming certain words, such as "Activate!!". He seems to be a certified attorney.

When Prizm was turning into a Eagle, The Blixens left him and he shouted where would they find a small animal with a strange accent in a clear container hooked up to a robot, Fastidious was the first person that came to mind.


Fastidious is a Light Yellow Hamster with Cyan Rings Around his Left Eye, Buck Teeth, Brown Spots On His Body, Tick Eyebrows, One Purple Eye Just Like Yang and one Blue/cyan Eye, Pink nose, Short Ears, And Black Whiskers. he Wears A Red Bow and a PJ Suit.


  • Fastidous gets insulted by Yin, calling his species a gerbil.

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