Energy Rays is a simple Woo Foo move which fires a light blue, light green, green/white, or blue/white beam. It doesn't do much damage. After summoning the magic into their hands, the Woo Foo Knight releases the ray by pointing their palms or fingers to the target. The color depends on the user; Yin's and Yang's Energy Rays are blue/white, Master Yo's is light blue, Yuck's Energy Rays are green/white, and Jobeaux's Energy Rays are light green. Evil Yin's Energy Rays are purple/red. In the episode, "Yin! Yang! Yuck!", Yuck is seen using his Energy Rays in the form of lightning, but it was not the move Woo Foo Lightning. Yin has also used it in the form of lightning in the episode "Yin-credible!". Energy Rays also seem to have a slight burning capability.