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Yin Yang Yo! episode
“Dojo, Oh No!”
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 01a
Original airdate August 26, 2006
Season 1

September 4, 2006 – April 30, 2007

The episode opens

Yang:Ready sis?(He's blindfolded)

Yin:Ready bro.(She's blindfolded)

Yo:Children are you ready for best workout $4.18 can buy?(He pulls off the blindfolds and yin and yang are unhappy to see the training grounds as it is very well...broken)

Yo:Let the learning begin.(A bird flying by lands on the training grounds causing the whole thing to collapse)

Yin and Yang:AHHHHH!!

Yo:are you ready for best workout our second to last $4.18 can buy?(Same thing happens but there ready this time yin fires energy blasts while yang uses bamboo nun chucks they still get crushed though)

Yin and Yang:AHHHHH!!

Yo:Well done my students.

Yang:Are you trying to tell me that was the training exercise?

Yo:The lesson that is not new and shiny still might be the that's kind...y,here's the last 4.18,go to town and pick up some new equipment.(more stuff falls on them)



Screen shows up.

(Yin and yang are unhappy walking to the store to get equipment,Yang kicks a can into air and yin notices and uses Levitation to put in a trashcan)

Yin:I'm helping.

Yang:Maybe I should get that can back,Master Yo could use it in our new "training area".

Yin:Yang we're the last woo foo knights in the dojo with two sweets,we're just going to have to make due with what we...Yang?(While yin was talking yang had seen the most amazing thing he had ever laid eyes on)

Yang:It''s the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life!

Ultimoose:Alright laides,Are you ready for today's lesson in Ultimate Moose Fighting!?,Hoo Ha Hoo!!(Blowing fire out his horns and them spelling Ultimoose,He ment business)

Students:Hoo Ha Huh??(They sputed out smoke)

Ultimoose:Do you ladies think that your big and strong enough to take ultimoose down!?,Ha Hoo Ha!!

Students:Wha Hoo Huh??

Yin:I Don't like the way he uses ladies like a insult.

Yang:Maybe he shoudn't use lady as a insult, but this is the coolest dojo I've ever seen,so I don't care!!

Ultimoose:YOU!(He handed him a staff),let's dance.(The student dances)not like that!(The is about to hit him with the staff,but ultimoose shereds and burns the staff before he got 1 hit on him, empty handed he is about to kick him,but ultimoose wegies him easily)

Yang:Cool,he totally humiliated that lady!

Yin:Well I don't care how cool it is,there nothing that short sexes moose can to do to get me to step foot in his dojo!

Yang:They have pedicures.

Yin:Out of my way lady!!

[Inside the "Ultimoose" dojo]

Ultimoose:Woo Foo?!WOO FOO!?!?!?Do you wear sundresses when you fight?


Ultimoose:Do you hug your opponent to their doom?


Ultimoose:WOO FOO!?!?!?!?!?!?


Ultimoose:There is no place for woo foo in the ultimate moose fighting dojo!!Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo!!

Yin:Hey!woo foo isn't just about fighting,it's magic too!!(Yang takes a step away from Yin...while farting)

Ultimoose:MAGIC?!Do you a little wand,do you pull rabbits out of hats?

Yang:That...would be redundent.Ah!

Ultimoose:Ultimoose likes you kid,you've got spunk,spunk ULTIMOOSE couldn't beat out of you,but you,there is no place for magic in ultimate moose fighting!!

Yin:Well my brother and I are a team,there is no way he'd stay here without me,right yang?Right?

Ultimoose:We have manicures.

Yang:That even had the word "man" in it.Out of my way lady!!!!

[At the "Yo" dojo]

Yin crying:I can't belive he stayed there without me!

Yo:Yin,you and your brother came here to my dojo of your own free will.

Yin:And we had a coupon.

Yo:And you had a coupon,But this is not the end of the world.

Yin:Yang gave Ultimoose our last $4.18.

Yo:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I think I'm overdoing the Os)

[In a freezer]

Ultimoose:An Ultimate Moose Fighter hits first and asks questions later!

Cow:That's the stuff tenderize me baby.(Yin's crying)

Ultimoose:Stong and moose's way you will be weak like your sister you are not!(Yin's crying again)


Ultimoose:Do you have a battle cry??

Yang:You bet!CHI HOO WHA!!!!!

Ultimoose:That's dumb you need an awsome battle cry!

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