Clown-Fu is an Ancient art done by clowns for combat against their most hated nemesis the accountants/numbercrunchers. Clown-Fu is studied in the temple of clowfucios only there are only few character has learned Clown-Fu

It is believed by those who study the art that laughter is the most powerful weapon that Clown-Fu has. Some Clown-Fu warriors have used several items like Pie, a Unicycle, Fish, Rubber Chicken and the "Tooty-Fruity Fro of Double Duty" as weapons. There is a ranking amongst the Clown-Fu. The only confirmed ranking is a Red-Nose like Master Yo. But only Clowns may study the art, which is the reason why Master Yo left behind Woo Foo while studying Clown-Fu. It has also been stated that Clown-Fu pay by the laughter. It is unknown if the "Temple of Clownfucious" is located in Clown-Tropolis and if they get their items in the locker room in Clown-Tropolis. One Of their Clown-Fu saying is "Never turn your back on a clown". Sarcasm and Mockery are forms of Clown-Fu.

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